Disability Open Day - 14th February 2022 - Kingston Trampoline Academy

Disability Open Day – 14th February 2022


In partnership with Kingston Council, Fulham Football Association and Kingston Sport4All we are running a Disability Trampoline Open Day on 14th February 2022, 9am-4pm, at Chessington Sports Centre, Garrison Lane, KT9 2JS.

FREE trampoline 1:1 session will last 30 minutes. Booking is essential:


Bookings contact is disability development officer Kay Shephard on 07827957837 or kshephard@fulhamfc.com



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This activity forms part of the DisAbility Sports Day in partnership with Kingston Active4All. This session will be delivered by Kingston Trampoline Academy

This sessions are open to participants aged 8 and over with Learning Disabilities i.e.
1. Down’s Syndrome
2. Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
3. Learning Difficulty (ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia)

We are offering Disability Trampoline inline with British Gymnastics teachings. All classes will be 1:1 so we can tailor the offering to the individual’s needs. Classes will be 30 minutes of activity with extra time before for introductions, Q&A and a debrief at the end. A minimum of Parent/Carer/Guardian must stay on-site during the activity.

The Olympic sized trampolines will be above ground and the participant will need to be able to climb on independently 115cm or with the assistance of a Parent/Carer/Guardian. Blocks/chairs can be used to assist mounting the equipment. The venue does not have a hoist or mobility aids.

This session takes place in the Atrium at Chessington Sports Centre. Please ensure you wear adequate clothing for the session:
Socks must be worn
– Long hair must be tied back
– All jewellery and body piercings must be removed.
– Sports clothing must be worn such as t-shirt, shorts, leggings, jogging bottoms – no jeans, fashion clothing, crop tops, hoodies or clothing with zips, buttons or adornments.
– For religious purposes a tight fitting head covering may be worn. Please be aware fabric slipping in front of the eyes poses a high risk of loss of vision and potentially injury. If a participant plans on wearing a head covering please make this aware on the booking form.
– COVID-19 face coverings must be removed during the trampoline activity. This is to allow for uninterrupted communication between the participant/carers/guardians and coach.

British Gymnastics advises that any individual that presents with a medical condition must seek medical advice prior to participating in gymnastics, these include:
– Pregnancy
– Detaching retina
– Confirmed Atlanto Axial Instability (AAI)
– Rodded back
– Brittle bones

Please be aware that this is not an exclusive list and that there may be other medical conditions that may contraindicate participation. Medical advice is recommended if there is uncertainty on whether a participant can safely participate in gymnastics.

Specific protocols are in place for the below disabilities:

– Participants with Downs Syndrome Any participant with downs syndrome MUST complete Atlanto Axial Instability (AAI) Screening prior to participating in ANY gymnastics. The form can be found on the British Gymnastics website at:

-More information on the importance of this screening and why it is necessary can be found at:

We request that players bring their own water bottle with their name on it and also we recommend their own hand sanitiser.

N.B Parents/Carers must provide any necessary supervision to Participants in between activities if attending more that one activity.


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