Summer Term Dates for our Kingston location - Kingston Trampoline Academy

Summer Term Dates for our Kingston location


Leisure Classes

The Kingston summer closure will be soon upon us. The last Summer dates and first Autumn dates are listed below (please note that all leisure classes at our New Malden location will continue as normal throughout the Summer):


Last Summer classes at Kingston:

  • Tuesday 31 July
  • Thursday 2 August
  • Friday 3 August
  • Saturday 4 August


First Autumn classes at Kingston:

  • Thursday 13 September
  • Friday 14 September
  • Saturday 15 September
  • Tuesday 18 September


Athlete Classes

All Dream Chaser classes will be transferred to New Malden while our Kingston location is closed. The training times will be Wednesday and Thursday 5-9pm. You will receive a statement on 1st August and on 1st September for your regular tuition.


  • Last class at Kingston – Saturday 4 August
  • First class at New Malden – Wednesday 8 August
  • Last class at New Malden – Thursday 6 September
  • First class back at Kingston – Thursday 13 September

Our Location

The academy operates at two sites in the north Surrey/South London area:

New Malden
Our head office is in Hersham, Surrey

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