Waiting List for Chessington and New Malden - Kingston Trampoline Academy

Waiting List for Chessington and New Malden


You can add your child to the waiting list for our Chessington and New Malden locations. Once these locations are ready to open a team member will reach out to you to book a consultation.


STEP 1: Add yourself to the waiting list

Go to our Customer Portal. Use the location pin icon to choose either the Chessington or New Malden locations. Go to Bookings > Find a Class > Waiting List. It is free to join the waiting list, however, to confirm your place you will be asked to add your payment details to your account.  No payment will be taken.

STEP 2: New Member Consultation

Once we have the go-ahead to reopen we will call/email you to arrange a New Member Consultation. This consultation/trial class costs £12.50. During a consultation, we safely introduce you to the power of our performance trampolines and start your journey along our skill syllabus. If you are a complete beginner you will continue in the Safety Skills class for a few weeks/months before moving up to the Foundations level. If you have experience from gymnastics, trampoline parks or garden trampolines we will assess the safety skills and then evaluate you on harder skills and assign you to an appropriate level class if you choose to join for weekly classes.


Our Location

The academy operates at two sites in the north Surrey/South London area:

New Malden
Our head office is in Hersham, Surrey

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