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Looking for a friendly trampolining club in south west London and north Surrey? Come along and join us for a class. We’d like to meet you!

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Trampolining Club

We are a leading trampolining club in the UK – Kingston trampoline academy. We offer trampoline classes for all ages and abilities.   Based in South West London and North Surrey, we offer leisure, athlete and adult trampolining lessons.

Making Memories – Trampoline Club

Trampoline gymnastics is exhilarating and so much fun at our trampolining club. Within the safety of the Academy setting, our focus is to help our students enjoy their time with us in ways that exceed their own expectations of their capabilities and what they can achieve.We help them to make their own memories of their achievements at our trampoline club. We celebrate and capture their wow! moments and ‘Firsts’ in our trampoline lessons. 


Chasing Dreams – Trampoline Club

Competitive trampoline gymnastics is exciting, exhilarating and so much fun at our trampolining club. In our trampoline classes, we provide the motivating and focused sense of team, challenging and supportive coaching and the guidance required to make it to the highest levels of trampoline gymnastics. 


Kingston Trampoline Academy – Trampoline Club


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We're a trampolining club that's focused on helping you enjoy making the most of trampoline gymnastics, whether that’s for fun or striving to be the best in the world. In our trampoline classes, both recreational and athlete, we help our students to exceed their own expectations and most importantly have fun in a safe and controlled environment. Our promise: To make the most of the time that you are with us.
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Our Location

The academy operates at two sites in the north Surrey/South London area:

New Malden
Our head office is in Hersham, Surrey

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