Making Memories


Trampoline gymnastics is exhilarating and so much fun. Within the safety of the Academy setting, our focus is to help our students enjoy their time with us in ways that exceed their own expectations of their capabilities and what they can achieve.

We help them to make their own memories of their achievements. We celebrate and capture their wow! moments and ‘Firsts’, so they can share and reflect on them for years to come. This is Making Memories.

Our classes


Jump for Fun
This is our recreational programme, open to total beginners and gymnasts who are not wanting the commitment of a competitive programme. Our trampolining lessons are fun and social, ideally suited to those age 8-18 who want to keep fit and active.

Compete for Fun
This is our recreational programme, open to those who wish to take part in regional level competition. Our trampolining lessons are fun and social, ideally suited to those age 8-18 who want to keep fit and active and also those who are returning to gymnastics.

Students in these trampoline lessons are required to enter competitions without the same commitment level as our main competitive programmes. Enrolment into this class is invitation only from one of our other programmes subject to a student expressing interest.


This is a recreational programme focused on fun and participation. It is open to total beginners and those who want to polish their skills. This programme is perfect for people who want to keep fit and active while learning a skill. Students in this class are given flexibility in their jumping times. We run two Adult classes a week and students may choose each week when they would like to attend whether that be one class or both. Just simply enrol and turn up! This class is not suitable for those working towards the stunt register.

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What level do the leisure classes go up to?

All students in our leisure programmes (Jump for Fun, Compete for Fun and Adult) work towards Skill Tracking. The Skill Tracking starts from the basic jumps and landings all the way up to double somersaults with twist! Therefore, our leisure classes can accommodate most skill levels.

What is Skill Tracking

Skill Tracking is how we track the students progress and readiness to perform certain skills. The Skill Tracking starts from the basic jumps and landings all the way up to double somersaults with twist! The coaches use mobile devices in the classes to continually assess the students and award stars towards skills depending on how proficient the student is (1 star = attempted, 2 stars = learning, 3 stars = mastered). There are 1749 stars to collect and a student’s progress can be viewed online in the Customer Portal. When students reach certain milestones badges and certificates are award to celebrate their achievements.

Why are there so many stars to collect?

We believe in future proofing students and not cutting corners. Having lots of small incremental steps helps to create well rounded students and sets them up for success. The Skill Tracking is a proven framework which helps to motivate and empower students to achieve their goals.

When will my child somersault?

Before a child is ready to somersault their coaches need to assess they are competent with all the fundamental skills. Students need to collect 477 stars before they can start work on their front somersaults. Students are frequently reminded how many stars they have collected and family members can view their Skill Tracking online on the Customer Portal. We appreciate most children's dream is to learn to somersault so we hope that the Skill Tracking and collecting stars keeps them motivated and helps to manage expectations.

My child has trampolined before. Where will they start?

After the trial class the coaches will start to assess what skills the student has already learnt. They will use the Skill Tracking to highlight the areas that need to be improved. The coaches will start at the beginning and work their way up. This may mean that for the first few classes the student may repeat some prior learning but this is essential so our coaches have a broad assessment of the student’s ability and to ensure their safety.

How is the class structured and what is the floor work they do?

We believe in making every minute matter. Just like a regular fitness class we aim to keep the students active for the majority of the class. Students move to different stations throughout the hour class each targeting a specific area of the sport. There are two trampoline stations; skills and technical and two floor stations; flexibility (range) and conditioning. These stations cover all the components required to future proof the students and to help complete the Skill Tracking.

Do all your classes feature the floor work?

Yes they do. As you would expect in other sports there are other components which are vital for success and safety. Therefore everyone follows the set lesson plan for the class.

Why are there mobile devices and why is my child being filmed?

The coaches use mobile devices to take the class register, update children’s skill tracking and to video student’s Wow! moments.

What is a Wow! moment?

When a child performs a significant skill for the first time (front somersault, back somersault) the skill is captured for the student to view. A copy of the video is then uploaded to their online account and families are emailed a notification to say the video is available to view online. This way families can share and celebrate the achievement. Videos can be download to keep the memory forever.

Can my child enter competitions in the Leisure classes?

Yes they can! There are regional level events which leisure members can enter. These are held locally within London. If your child has dreams of competing then please make their coaches aware and consent to our marketing communications.

Can members in the Adult classes enter competitions?

Yes they can! Our Adult members compete once a year at the British Gymnastics Adult Championships. There is a category for beginner and another for more advanced gymnasts. If you have dreams of competing then please make the coaches aware and consent to our marketing communications.

My child wants to join Compete for Fun. Do they have to enter the competitions?

Yes. The purpose of the Compete for Fun class is to learn to compete and progress up the competition levels. The competition dates are released in the autumn for the upcoming season and we ask families to make themselves available to attend the events. Click here for dates

What should be worn to classes?

Tight fitting sport attire should be worn to classes. Socks must be worn and students should bring athletic shoes which they can run in. When students begin to somersault their coach my ask them to wear a leotard as it will make supporting and catching them easier.

All jewellery needs to be removed (piercings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, religious items) prior to the class. If you have a recent piercing, or any body jewellery which cannot be removed, you must inform us prior to the class. This is for your own safety and our coaches safety.

Long hair needs to be tied up, neatly and securely to prevent it from covering the eyes. This is for both boys and girls. For safety, head coverings must be removed.

Can my child attend multiple classes?

Yes they can! We have many students who attend multiple classes back to back or on different days. You can book the additional class online in the Customer Portal or contact the office directly.

Our Location

The academy operates at two sites in the north Surrey/South London area:

New Malden
Our head office is in Hersham, Surrey

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